Closing the loop

We compost on the farmette; using scraps from the kitchen, clippings from the gardens, oak leaves from the grounds, and local food scraps. We partner with Suncoast Compost to manage our composting. Suncoast Compost is Tampa Bay’s first curbside composting service. Suncoast Compost help residents, businesses, and events divert their food waste. Together, we are reconnecting the food cycle.

Starve the landfills. Feed the farms.


Since 2017, we have helped keep over 50,000 lbs of food scraps out of the landfill. Join us in turning organic waste into nutrient rich compost to grow more food here in our community. Curbside composting is $30/month and we have a drop-off composting site for just $15/month. Members get finished compost back 2x/yr.