5 reasons why birthdays on the farm are THE BEST

If you can’t believe your little sprout is growing up and it’s already time to plan their birthday, don’t sweat it! Our suburban farmette is the perfect spot for your kiddo to enjoy some free range fun experiencing the outdoors. Here are 5 reasons why A Simpler Place Farm & Market makes the perfect venue for your little farmer.

#1 Chickens


You know who sings a beautiful “Happy Birthday” song? Chickens do. Their sweet little chirps and coos will make your heart swoon as you watch your child feed our chickens.

#2 Our peaceful picnic area

Whether you just don’t feel like decorating, or want to rent all the bounce houses in the bay, our venue looks great for any taste. We have a canopy of large, mature oak trees that provide beautiful shade throughout the year. Plus, our picnic tables and chairs can accommodate up to 25 guests.

#3 The kids can get dirty.

In fact, we encourage it. Crumbs, dirt, and bugs are welcome here. They’re all part of our sustainable, suburban farm. We even have the compost pile to prove it. 

#4 You can be a party animal.


We don’t have any restrictions on bringing in your own food or drink. We have a certified kitchen and your rental includes access to our refrigeration. You are also permitted to BYOB. Please drink responsibly. 

#5 You don’t have to clean your house

While it’s fun having friends and family over, take away the stress of tidying. Our venue is perfect for low-stress, quality time with family and friends. Because making memories is what it’s all about.

Learn more here

or contact education@asimplerplace.farm

Let us host your child’s next birthday party! Our venue is perfect for kiddos to have some free-range fun experiencing the outdoors. $8/child with $100 minimum. Add-ons available, including guided farm tour and Painted Leaf Art & Exploration Studio. 

Our Favorite Fall Veggies!

As we talked about in our last blog post, we are in full planting mode for the new season coming up. So in honor of fall, we wanted to share some of our favorite veggies that grow this season. You might be familiar with all of them or maybe one is new to you. Trying new veggies is half the fun so we encourage you to be adventurous and try something new this season!


In no particular order because we love all veggies equally:

  1. Beans

    • Green, purple, or yellow beans! Our founder, Renee has great memories picking beans with her daughter each fall so they have become a favorite of hers for that reason. Snacking on the beans as they go is an added bonus 😋

  2. Beets

    • This is one of our farm store manager Kait’s favorite vegetables. She loves their vibrant colors and earthy flavor. They are great raw in salads or roasted in veggie bowls!

  3. Herbs

    • Our education director, Kali loves all different types of herbs because they elevate any dish and make her feel like an incredible chef. If she had to choose one herb, it would be Thai Basil. We do not disagree.

  4. Wasabi Arugula

    • This is a fun one that Renee has always loved. It tastes how you imagine it would. Spicy wasabi-like flavor that can tingle your nose just a bit. This green is also super nutritious! It’s high in vitamin A, as well as vitamin C, calcium and iron.

  5. Sungold Tomatoes

    • We grow these in both the fall and spring seasons but they are always a favorite around here. Sungolds burst with flavor when you pop them in your mouth and go great on everything from salads to pizza.

  6. Spaghetti Squash

    • Another one of Kait’s picks. Pasta is one of her favorite meals so she loves making spaghetti squash as a more healthy alternative. Plus, it’s fun to eat right out of the squash itself! This is the first season Kait is going to try growing spaghetti squash in her own garden so wish her luck!

  7. Carrots

    • Carrots love cool weather so you can start them in fall and grow them throughout the fall and winter season. We are so excited to sow ours here shortly! They are a favorite among the kids who visit the farm because they can pick them right from the garden and feed them to our chickens!