We've been awarded a grant from the USDA!

A Simpler Place Farm & Market is pleased to announce we’ve been awarded a 3 year grant from the USDA for local food promotion. We are growing the local, organic, slow food movement here in Tampa Bay and couldn’t have done it without your support for the last 6 years. This USDA grant will allow A Simpler Place to expand our store hours, bringing you more local and organic food. We work with several local farms and ranches bringing you truly local, sustainably grown, produce including goodies from our own farm. We look forward to introducing you to all of the wonderful farms here in your local food community.

Our Store hours will be Wednesday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 9am-4pm, and Sunday 10am-4pm. In addition to our usual store offerings, we will have coffee, tea, and baked goods available. We invite you to sit a while under our beautiful oak trees, draped with Spanish moss. Wifi is free, and we know folks always find a sense of serenity when they visit our space. Study groups, and work meet-ups are encouraged, but you might feel so relaxed that you decide to skip all that doing, and instead just be for a while.

The grant will also allow us to expand upon our partnership with Suncoast Compost. We are partnering with Suncoast Compost to grow a robust agritourism program. It will include classes for kids to adults, summer camps, and special events. Adult classes will offer a wide variety of interests: beekeeping, chickens, compost, baking, veggies, and more! We are looking forward to hosting school groups from small to large to gain hands-on experiential learning tailored to your curriculum needs. Contact us about our field trips. Our education team is experienced and knowledgable, ready to provide memorable experiences for all ages; Pre-k to college.

Finally, we are looking forward to hosting a variety of special events. Our farmette is a unique and rustic space. It is the perfect open setting for a wedding, birthday party, meet up, or church group.

Our goal is to grow community through food. We look forward to seeing you on the farm!