Sweet Southern Muscadine #knowyourfarmer

If you asked me six plus years ago about grape season or any other season for that matter I would've responded with a deer in the headlights look followed by a sheepish grin.  The “I don't know what you're talking about but if I smile maybe this will all go away quickly,” kind of grin.  Fast forward a number of years later and here I am with my daughter Lorelei; counting her age in seasons.

Summer 2016

Summer 2016

I always remember picking grapes in the heat.  So when the summer days are upon us I know it's nearing that time.  Last summer (2016) I started searching for a local u-pick  to share the experience with Lorelei for the first time.  We found a great farm in Lithia called Blue Heron Vineyard. We picked and picked, ate them straight from the vines, and picked some more. We had pounds upon pounds of many different varieties of Florida’s muscadine.  We took them all back to the house and spent the day processing the remaining Noble variety into a sweet jam.


This summer (2017) Lorelei and I had the pleasure of trying a new farm in Valrico called Thompson's Nursery.  We met our friends, The Harter Family, and introduced them to picking Florida's southern gem.  

These are memories I will cherish with Lorelei forever.  I know in just a short time I'll get to experience the season with her again; she'll be one year older and we'll be one memory and a grape or two fuller.