Summer Nights & Pizza on the Farmette

We've been throwing around the idea of pizza on the farm for months.  And have been held up by one small-ish hurdle.  Water.  When we set out to open our farm in the heart of suburbia with a passion in our hearts to bring our community together over good food we never thought we'd be met with this obstacle.  We have a great well; tested, inspected and permitted as required by all county agencies.  However, we've discovered that in order to expand our farm kitchen offerings beyond our current selection we have to connect to county water.  So we are asking for your help.  We are pre-selling tickets to our Summer Pizza Nights.  By purchasing a ticket you are helping us take the necessary step to to connect to county water.   In return you'll get a homemade pizza cooked in a wood fired oven; topped with local, seasonal vegetables and fruits, some of which will come from our own gardens.  We are excited to once again bring our community together over good food and local agriculture.  

One chick Two Chick

It's been fun on the farmette with four new baby chicks and our four girls (laying hens).  The chicks came as a surprise when I received a call from a mother who had donated two chicks to her sons PreK.  The school could no longer keep the babies.  They were looking for a place to adopt them.  Her son Miles had already named them Charlotte and Lulu.

Miles with Charlotte or Lulu ;)

Miles with Charlotte or Lulu ;)

Less than a week later I received another call from someone new.  Same story.  Welcome two more baby chicks.  Four baby chicks later...

When old enough we'll introduce the chicks to our four ladies in the coop.  

We've done some Spring Cleaning in the hen house this week.  We raked out all of the old bedding in the coop and added it to our compost pile.  The girls' nice addition of poo will age in the compost pile and eventually make its way to our garden and flower beds.  We have another days work on the extension of the coop to secure any loose chicken wire, cover holes, and barricade perimeters from unwanted intruders.  Then the ladies will be ready to enjoy their new space!