Why Eat Local?

Why Local Food is Better for You and the Planet.


You might have noticed we are pretty obsessed with sharing our love for local food and this community of small farmers with you. So why do we care so much and want you to care along with us?

We could talk for hours about the benefits of eating local but to keep it short and sweet, we’re going to sum it up in two major categories:

Your Health -

  • Eating food grown locally means it was freshly-harvested and contains more nutrients so your body is getting more of the good stuff it needs. The nutritional content of food lessens the farther it travels.

  • Since it doesn’t have to travel thousands of miles, this means less preservatives and added chemicals that are harmful to your health are needed.

  • Eating seasonally - this keeps your body on a cycle that is closer to your natural state. The planet gives you what you need when you need it. Think citrus fruits being abundantly in season during the winter time when you need an extra boost of Vitamin C.

The Environment’s Health -

  • Eating closer to home means you have a lower footprint. Less transportation, refrigeration and preservation in the form of harmful chemicals are used to get your food to you.

  • You can support farmers who use organic practices that don’t hurt our environment but rather, help heal it.

  • Less packaging - this one is self-explanatory but less packaging means less plastics in our oceans and landfills.

We hope this helps you better understand why eating locally is better for you and the planet. As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have regarding the impact of food.

Want to start eating locally but not sure where to start?

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