Beekeeping Level 2 - April 7th 3pm-4:30pm

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Beekeeping Level 2 - April 7th 3pm-4:30pm


This intimate class is designed for people who are serious about beekeeping. This class is ideal for people who are about to purchase their own hives for the first time.

  • Learn how to use your equipment

  • How to inspect your hive

  • What to watch out for

  • How to set up your hives

  • Pest management

  • How to introduce a nuc into your hive

Minimum gear requirement to participate. Bring your own:

  • veil

  • smoker

  • hive tool

Our beekeeper, Paul, is selling nucs. Email to order.

  • $150/nuc

  • 2-3 frames of brood

  • Queen

  • 1-2 frames of stores (honey, nectar, pollen)

  • 1 frame empty/partially drawn/variable

  • Must bring your own box to transport the bees

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