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Fruit Tree Planting in Florida


The fruit tree planting workshop will introduce community members to some of the fruit trees that work well in our environment, how to plant those trees, the importance of mulch and the effective utilization of pollinator plants, nitrogen fixers and dynamic accumulators. Raleigh will provide a simple hand out over his discussion and students will get to actually plant a fruit tree.

Florida Fruit Tree Planting
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Raleigh has been a practical gardener in USDA Hardiness Zone 9B for the last five years, in which his real world failures and triumphs will be exposed for others to see what has worked and what has struggled. Raleigh is a high energy person whose passion for plants in evident is his direct interaction and association with their existence.  


Raleigh Barnes has been gardening for over 20 years and worked extensively with tropical/subtropical edibles, Florida endemic species and epiphytes. Raleigh attributes his working plant knowledge from his father, permaculture mentors, numerous books and direct hands on design experience with his company, Third Insight Design. Belonging to numerous plant clubs and societies, Raleigh has created the Apollo Beach Garden Club and is actively working with the club to create a community forest garden space at the Apollo Beach Recreation Center. Raleigh is presently working on several permaculture design projects with his most important partner and girlfriend, Annie. They plan to continually create edible design spaces, expand their plant inventory and deliver meaningful experiential educational courses, workshops and seminars. Raleigh ultimately strives to purchase land in Costa Rica and live off grid in an intentionally designed space that incorporates, permaculture, analog forestry, and utilizes appropriate technologies. Raleigh is an avid skateboarder, longboarder, mountain biker, wake skater, surfer and avid plant hunter.

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